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The Takeover is a global collective of individuals dedicated to actualizing positive change and decimating the "Status Quo". We are those who are discontent with simply accepting "the way things are", and instead, are committed to motivating, inspiring and uplifting others in order to produce the best possible existence for all on this planet.

It is not a "fan base", in the sense that a "fan" is someone who tends to passively adore or appreciate another entity from afar, without any crucial involvement pertaining to the existence of said entity.

The Takeover, conversely, is more like a military: No one part is greater than the whole and each person is necessary to complete the objective.  A military needs The Navy, The Air Force, The Marines, foot soldiers, Generals, people sewing outfits, and people answering phones; there's no one individual that is more important than the next and everybody is vital to achieve the mission of the collective.

We are a group of people who are willing to rally together and all work as a whole in order to serve a greater goal or ideal. Our objective is to help shape the world at large and to turn all aspects of living, which are generally considered negative, into something that is both positive and constructive.

We are comprised of all races, all nationalities, all religions, all personal and political beliefs.

We are not limited by gender, age, sexual preference, personal backgrounds, life paths or personal dreams and aspirations.

We are one voice.

We are one nation.

We are one generation.

United like soldiers: We are The Takeover.